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All the Filarmonica Sestrese CDs

2011 - Fratelli di Italia

01 Fratelli d'Italia (M.Novaro)
02 La Gazza Ladra Sinfonia (G.Rossini,Tr.M.Bariani)
03 La Forza del Destino Sinfonia (G.Verdi,Tr.Lake-Kent)
04 Pomp and Circumstance (E.W.Elgar)
05 Ride (S.R.Hazo)

2010 - Centosessantacinque

01 Ride (S.R.Hazo)
02 Marche Slave Op. 31 (P.I.Tschaikowsky,tr.C.Simpson)
03 Finlandia (J.Sibelius,tr.F.Winterbottom)
04 Gabriel's Oboe (E.Morricone,Arr.M.Rapetti)
05 The Pirates of the Caribbean (K.Badelt,Arr.M.Rapetti)
06 Rocky Theme (B.Conti,Arr.M.Rapetti)
07 It don't mean a thing (D.Ellington,Arr.M.Bazzano)
08 Fly me to the Moon (B.Howard,Arr.M.Bazzano)
09 Moondance (V.Morrison,Arr.M.Bazzano)

2008 - Live in Genova
The several concerts played at the most prestigious theatres of Genoa during these years (including the opera theatre “Carlo Felice”) lead to make a CD in order to portrait our woodwind and brass orchestra playing live. Live in Genova comes from some previous recordings and it collects the most representative pieces played at our main concerts. As always it happens at our concerts, the set up repertoire includes different genres: from Gazza Ladra classical symphony, through an original band piece such as Spartacus, to Pink Floyd rock music and Jazz. Showing once again our band versatility, we hope this CD could re-create the typical atmosphere of our concerts.

01 La Gazza Ladra Sinfonia (G.Rossini,tr.M.Bariani)
02 Slava! (L.Berneisten,arr.C.Grundman)
03 Spartacus (Jan Van der Roost)
04 The Phantom of the Opera (A.L.Webber,arr.C.Custer,tr.M.Rapetti)
05 Pink Floyd Songs (Time,Breathe,Us and them) (Pink Floyd,arr.M.Rapetti)
06 Birdland (J.Zawinul,arr.S.Barlas,D.Feigel)
07 Autumn Leaves (J.Kosma,arr.M.Bazzano)
08 Night and Day (C.Porter,arr.M.Bazzano)
09 One More Once (M.Camilo,arr.M.Bazzano)

2004 - Genova 2004 International Music
Genoa was the European Capital of Culture in 2004 and the “Filarmonica Sestrese” contributed to the countless shows which celebrated the event organising the “1st International Music Festival” for young musicians and woodwind and brass orchestras coming from all over Europe. The kermess, which brought more than 30 bands to Genoa, ended with the release of this fourth CD: Genova 2004 International Music. As suggested by the title, this CD highlights the music internationality, zeroing in on style differences between several composers. This CD contains pieces of composers who comes from eight different countries.

01 1812 Overture Solenne (P.I. Tchaikovsky-Tr.Y. Kimura)
02 Toccata e fuga in re minore (J.S. Bach-Tr.W.G. Leidzen)
03 Second Suite in Eb - March (G. Holst)
04 Second Suite in Eb - Song without words (G. Holst)
05 Second Suite in Eb - Song of the Blacksmith (G. Holst)
06 Second Suite in Eb - Fantasia on the Dargason (G. Holst)
07 Superman (J. Williams - Arr. M. Rapetti)
08 The Lord of the rings (J. de Meij-Arr. P. Lavender)
09 A study for baritone sax (C. Marchini)
10 Stardust (H. Carmichael-Arr. C. Marchini)
11 Softly as in a morning sunrise (S. Romberg-Arr. C. Marchini)
12 Hello Dolly (J. Herman-Arr. C. Marchini)

2002 - Verdian Concert
In 2001 it fell Giuseppe Verdi's death centenary and the “Filarmonica Sestrese” commemorated the event with a concert which took place at “Carlo Felice” opera theatre of Genoa. This third CD, entirely devoted to the great composer who has been the greatest ruler of the Italian operas for more than 50 years, rises from that concert recordings.

01 Ernani (G. Verdi-Tr. Willby)
02 Forza del Destino Sinfonia (G. Verdi-Tr. Lake-Kent)
03 Danze dall'Opera Otello (G. Verdi-Tr. C. Pirola)
04 Giovanna d'Arco Sinfonia (G. Verdi-Tr. W. Wossner)
05 Ballabili da Macbeth (G. Verdi-Tr.W.Van der Beek)
06 Brindisi da La Traviata (G. Verdi-Tr. M. Bariani, E. Fresia)
07 Walzer da Il Gattopardo (G. Verdi-Tr. Magnani)
08 Requiem-Dies Irae (G. Verdi-Tr. E. Fresia)
09 Requiem-Tuba Mirum (G. Verdi-Tr. E. Fresia)
10 Requiem-Confutatis-Dies Irae (G. Verdi-Tr. E. Fresia)
11 Nabucco (coro) (G.Verdi-Tr. Orsomando)
12 Aida (Inno,Marcia,Danze) (G.Verdi-Tr. Stalmeier)

2001 - Millenium Filarmonica
This 2nd release, recorded in studio in 2000, comes out as a New Millennium celebration. The CD repertoire has got its characteristic genres variety, pointing out what is representative of our woodwind and brass orchestra's true nature: band original songs. It's interesting to zero in on the comparison between the two original pieces: the more classical G. Holst "First Suite in F" (1909) and the more contemporary A. Copland "An Outdoor Overture" (1938),which shows the big potentials of this genre.

01 Opening (C. Marchini)
02 Cavalleria Leggera (F. V. Suppè-Tr. W. Meijns)
03 La Forza Del Destino (G. Verdi- Tr. Lake-Kent)
04 Jupiter from the Planets (G. Holst)
05 First Suite in F - Ciaccona (G. Holst)
06 First Suite in F - Intermezzo (G. Holst)
07 First Suite in F - Marcia (G. Holst)
08 An Outdoor Overture (A. Copland)
09 Star Trek through the generation (Goldsmith, McCarthy-Arr.H.V.D.Heide)
10 La Bella e La Bestia (H. Ashman,A. Menken-Arr.T. Mashima)
11 Dancing in the Dark (A. Schwartz – Arr. C. Marchini)
12 El Cumbanchero (R. Hernandez - Arr. N. Iwai)

1998 - Concert of the Wind Orchestra of Filarmonica Sestrese
In 1998 the “Filarmonica Sestrese Woodwind and brass Orchestra” faced for the very first time a CD studio recording experience, which will be repeated both in studio and live several times. The proposed pieces on this first CD show an expressive essence of the musical activity of the past years. It should be noted that the band plays several genres: band original songs, transcription of classical and opera music, soundtracks and musical and pop music, a structure that will be maintained and re-proposed, becoming the main characteristic of our concerts.

01 Opening (C. Marchini)
02 Pomp and Circumstance (E. Elgar)
03 Sogno (P. Mascagni-Tr. M. Rapetti)
04 Candide (L. Bernstein-Tr. G. Olivieri)
05 Tanz und Lied (P. Stanek)
06 Batman (D. Elfman, Prince-Arr. T. Sahashi)
07 Deguello (D. Tiomkin-Arr. C. Marchini)
08 Time-Breathe (Pink Floyd-Arr. M. Rapetti)
09 Russian Medley (A.V.-Arr. C. Marchini)
10 Eye in the sky-Old and wise (Woolson, Parson-Arr. M. Rapetti)
11 Patricia (P. Prado-Arr. C. Marchini)
12 Mack the knife (K. Weill-Arr. C. Marchini)
13 Sing sing sing (L. Prima – Arr. C. Marchini)