Vladimiro Cainero

Born on the 15th July 1959 in Udine.

At the age of 11 he started studying the woodwind instruments and later he took his horn Diploma at “J. Tomadini” Musical School in Udine in 1979, where he also had attended the Composition Course.

1979 – He won the 2nd place horn contest at “San Carlo Theatre“ of Naples, he filled that role until 1981. In the meanwhile he had won the 1st horn audition in “A. Scarlatti” Radio Orchestra of Naples and the 1st horn audition “Alla Fenice” Theatre of Venice.

1981 – He wins the 1st horn contest at “Carlo Felice Theatre” of Genoa and he's been filling this role since then. He played several concerts as solo both with an orchestra and piano accompaniment. He played concerts including k 447 e k 495, the Concertante symphony by W. A. Mozart, Concerto n°1by R. Strauss; the “Serenata per tenore e corno” by Britten, the Brandeburg Concerti by Bach, trio by Brahms.

2001/2002 – He was invited to open the Orchestral Training Courses of “Clara Schumann” Foundation of Collesalvetti.

From 2000 to 2003 – He worked with “N. Paganini” Conservatoire of Genoa for several Orchestral Training Courses

During the summer 2004 – He was Horn and Chamber Music Specialization Course teacher in Malosco, and he taught at Higher Music School Musical of Damascus, Syria where he played with the others invited teachers.

He has been playing woodwind and brass Chamber Music. He's in “Carlo Felice Brass Band” with whom he's has been playing several concerts all over Italy and abroad. He plays pieces and he takes part in many recordings and TV and radio live broadcasts.

In 2006 they were invited to China to tour in Beijing, Shangai and on The Great Wall of China.

In 2007 they played at “International Festival of Cervo” receiving enthusiastic praises. He also played at “Most Fascinating Villages of Italy International Festival” in S. Stefano, Sessanio under the new name MaKeBrass on behalf of Cervo Ligure Commune.