Matteo Bazzano

Born on the 23th January 1981

1992 – He starts studying paino following the lead of Lucia Verzillo.

1994 – He studies saxophone with conductor Cesare Marchini at "Filarmonica Sestrese " Music School in Sestri Ponente.

From 2000 – He studies jazz in depth with conductor Mauro Barabino (Piano) and Cesare Marchini (Saxophone).

From 2004 – He starts studying functional harmony ad libbing and arrangement following the lead of the conductor Cesare Marchini.

1999 - He took Solfeggio Diploma at "N. Paganini" Conservatoire in Genoa.

1995 – He's in the “Filarmonica Sestrese” Woodwind and Brass and Percussion orchestra staff. From 1997 to 1998 he works with the Conservatoire of Genoa and with Big Band playing concerts in several theatres including “G. Modena” in Genoa.

From 1998 to 1999 – He works with the Conservatoire Orchestra of Genoa making contemporary literature inspired concerts such as "West Side Story" by L. Bernstein, "Rapsodia in Blue" by G. Gershwin and "Ebony Concert" by Stravinsky played at the “Opera Theatre” in Genoa.

From 1998 – He's saxophone and piano teacher at “Filarmonica Sestrese” Music School. He takes part in four recordings made by “Filarmonica Sestrese” and he's solo in "A Study for Baritone Sax" composed by Cesare Marchini.

Now he's part of “Filarmonica Sestrese” Executive Council as Musical Activites Manager.

He plays baritone saxophone in “Filarmonica Sestrese” woodwind and brass orchestra and he arranges band jazz repertoire.

After been graduating in Physics in 2003 and post-graduating in Matter Physics in 2005, now he's employed as Electromechanical Design Engineer in Finmeccanica Elsag-Datamat Company, Sestri Ponente.