Matteo Bariani

Born on the 28th of Semptember 1979.

2001 – He takes his clarinet diploma at “Giacomo Puccini” Conservatoire in La Spezia as external candidate

He studied with the conductors Cesare Marchini and Luigi Gallo and with whom he specialized in saxophone, playing the most important classical and jazz composers.

Since 1997 – He has been teaching clarinet and saxophone at “Filarmonica Sestrese” Music School in Sestri Ponente

Since 1999 – He's the “Filarmonica Sestrese” Junior Band Conductor.

1999 - 1st prize at “G.Ratto” National contest as conductor of woodwind and brass and percussion ensemble; 1st prize “Città di Sestri” as conductor of woodwind and brass and percussion ensemble.

2001 – He conducts the Filarmonica Sestrese at “Carlo Felice Theatre” in Genoa to commemorate the 100th death anniversary of Giuseppe Verdi.

He attends the 3 years conduction and composition master course for the woodwind and brass orchestra at ABBM in Bergamo with the conductors Massimiliano Caldi and Claudio Mandonico and the Big Band with Gabriele Comelio.

2002 – He attends the chamber music conduction specialization at “Accademia Nazionale” in Bergamo.

2003 – He studies Clarinet and Saxophone Teaching and Education at the Helvetic Music Institute in Bellinzona (Switzerland) becoming an active member.

From 2004 – He has been conducting the symphonic/original Filarmonica Sestrese's repertoire playing in the most prestigious theatres in Liguria and abroad such as Valencia, Francoforte, Bad Orb (Germany), Slubice Poland) , Brussels (Belgium).

He works as clarinetist and saxophonist with several Ligurian orchestras becoming their artistic advisor and works as conductor in many chamber music, symphonic and rhythmic bands (Columbus Orchestra- Experimental Orchestra Virio da Savona - Big band Conte School- Hans Swarowsky Symphonic Orchestra of Milan, Symphonic Orchestra of Savona). He worked with C. Marchini, G. Casati, G. Trovesi and G. Coscia.

He has been member of the jury in many instruments and singing national contest.

He studies musical composition elements and counterpoint at Paganini Conservatoire in Genoa and privately with the conductor Giovanni Battista Bergamo; he specializes in arrangement and jazz improvisation with the conductor Cesare Marchini.

He's teaching clarinet and saxophone in four music school in Genoa and Savona (Sestri P., Cogoleto, Varazze, Savona).

He's the manager and promoter of many teaching/musical lab organized with the collaboration of some primary and secondary schools of Genoa.

He did several recordings as conductor and musician.

From 2005 to 2007 – He attends the orchestra conduction course as a student at “Accademia musicale Chigiana” in Siena following the lead of the conductor Gianluigi Gelmetti and he also attends the “Hans Swarowsky” international school in Milan directed by the conductor Maurizio Dones.

Since 2007 – He has been working as assistant with “Columbus Symphonic Orchestra of Genoa”