Alessandro Leveratto

Born on the 16th November 1985

1993 – He starts studying clarinet with conductor Massimo Putignano at “Filarmonica Sestrese” Music School in which he attends a piano course from 1995 to 1998 following the lead of Lucia Verzillo.

1996 – He continues his clarinet studies at “Filarmonica” with conductor Cesare Marchini. He's in Filarmonica Sestrese Woodwind and brass and percussion orchestra and nowadays he's the 1st clarinet; he took part in the recording of the 4th CD made by the Filarmonica Sestrese.

1999 - 1st Prize “City of Sestri” with the flutes and percussion ensemble conducted by Matteo Bariani. He starts studying saxophone with professor Cesare Marchini.

Dal 2007 – He's teaching clarinet at “Filarmonica Sestrese” Music School.

During his musical career he worked with several woodwind and brass orchestras from all Ligurian territory.

He took the Scientific Secondary School Diploma and the Physics Bachelor Degree in 2007. Now he's attending a postgraduate course in Physics.